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May 10th, 2012

marketing-directionsdIf you build it they will come. This was the famous quote about a baseball field in the middle of nowhere from the movie Field Of Dreams. Fine in the movies but out in the world of the internet finding the right clients takes more then just turning the lights on and sitting back to watch.

Search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, display ads, email marketing, analytics, video marketing, online PR, the mobile web, not to mention social media and the legal issues involved in marketing on line. The digital arena can be a minefield as much as a goldmine.

Here at Red Rotor we live and love digital. We’ll work with you to maximise your return on investment and genereate genuine revenue streams from your web presence. We’ll break down the barriers, introduce you to a bigger and newer market and make a real and positive difference to your bottom line. We have the technology, the equipment, the design skills and working with you we’ll generate the content to get your message out. We’re a lot more than a brilliant web design company, we’re your digital marketing department.

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